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As we move forward in this new apostolic wave of grace that is being poured out around the globe, Lynda and I are more than ever convinced that God is teaching us to walk in His love. God is love. His mission is love. His mindset is love. His command is love. His majesty, His justice, His might, His compassion, His righteousness and His holiness are all expressed in His love. How we long and pray that all of us, as Believers, would be baptized daily in the outpouring of God’s perfect love; for it is in being filled to overflowing that His love is able to spill over and touch every other human being with whom we have contact. Jesus, our Apostle and High Priest (Hebrews 3:1), was sent so that we might receive salvation.

The apostolic function of being sent from the Father relates to the saving of the entire human race. Scripture teaches us that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Jesus was sent to be our Savior and to bring us into personal relationship with God. We are saved so that we might be sent to reveal the love of God expressed in Christ to a hurting, lost and dying world. This is a 24/7 Gospel and each of us must give His love away daily; freely we have received, freely we give. Rev. Dan & Lynda Rushing are missionary revivalists called to the nations to preach the Gospel and impart the fire of the Holy Spirit. God has brought together a dynamic international, interdenominational team with their combined experience to reach out with answers for this hectic age. Never before have the challenges facing a generation been so great, but never before have the opportunities, the stakes and the prize been higher! God desires to grab hold of this generation, to deliver and transform them with His mighty Hand to become instruments for His glory! Do not give up! Take hold of hope.Nothing is impossible with God! He will come into your home and situation to turn around difficult circumstances and give you peace and victory in the midst of the assault. He will do super-abundantly above and beyond all you ask or imagine, if you invite Him in. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with Me.” Rev. 3: 20 Dan & Lynda are missionary evangelists to the nations. Reverend Dan Rushing is a Jacksonville native who has 30+ years experience ministering God’s word to lost souls, adults, youth and families in crisis, prisons, and the homeless.

Dan has a Master’s degree from Florida State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, published author and international speaker . He has conducted many workshops & seminars across the nation, dealing with healing for adult, children, family mental health, substance abuse, behavioral and spiritual issues. Dan is an Ordained Minister with Revival Ministries International and is a Holy Ghost,on- fire Evangelist for Christ Jesus. He is the founder and president of IAM International; World Headquarters, NOW in LEESBURG Florida. Reverend Lynda Rushing, B.A., B.Ed., hails from Toronto, Canada. She is the past Chaplain of Northeast Florida State Hospital in Macclenny, FL. Lynda pastored five-years in Kingston, Ontario with radio, television, Bible school, praise and prison outreaches. Lynda has been involved with the field of mental health in the Florida State system for sixteen years. She has authored many anointed youth curriculum and books.(see list on services page) Lynda has been an Ordained Minister for over 30 years.
Lynda and I have been invited to minister all over the world!! We have always paid for all of our own travel and ministry expenses and have never charged anyone to have us share God’s Word at their Church. The reason we do this is that it is important for us not to respond to the financial incentive of an invitation, but to respond to what God is calling us to do. We are dependent upon God through the support of people like you to continue “running with the Fire of the Holy Ghost” and taking Revival “FIRE” to the Nations. Please could you partner with us? Any amount at any frequency would help us to keep “running with revival fire”. No amount is too small!! To partner with us now using Our Secure On-line giving option then click- DONATE; visit the donate section of www.IAMInternational.org. Or you may contact us at 28944 Hubbard St. # 141, Leesburg FL 34748 or call 352-530-2518 to speak to us personally. Bless you for your giving! Face Book Dan Rushing or email him at danrushing2@aol.com. for updates.
Our Vice-Presidents include David Botchway ( West Africa ), Pius Masikana (  East Africa ), Brooke Filipovski ( Australia/ Europe V.P.), Doug Snead and Lynda Rushing ( USA ), Prudentio Diosmano in the Phillipines and Eastern Europe V.P.- Jerzy Piotrowski of Poland. Please keep them in prayer, especially claiming Psalm 91 for all. Also a special mention to Harry and Shelly Divido, ” Street Pastors ” who are ordained I AM leaders with a homeless ministry in Jacksonville FL called ” Light of the World” and an outreach in Guatemala.  Thanks too to ordained I AM Leader Ron Tennant who carries on our prison ministry in the Lawtey Correctional Facility.  There are hundreds of other I AM leaders in Africa that we appreciate so much! The Lord is doing great things through all the network and we are very proud and thankful to be linked with so many awesome men and women of God.

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