I AM International has Vice- Presidents across the globe. They include West Africa- David Botchway, East Africa- Fred Nieta, Australia- Brooke Filipovski, Europe- Jerzy Piotrowski, Asia- Prudentio Diosmanos, North America- Lynda Rushing & Doug Snead. Dan Rushing is President and Founder.

Additionally in N. America, we have ordained several I AM leaders, including Harry and Shelly Divido of Light of the World Ministry ( ministry for the homeless in Jacksonville and  in Guatemala ) and Ron Tennant. In August 2018 we ordained Sylvie Strazzeri of Lyon France during her visit to Florida.

Our Vice- Presidentss in Africa have also ordained hundreds of leaders through I AM Intl., where we are incorporated in both Ghana and Kenya.

Criteria for ordination includes proof of the calling of God upon one’s life, Godly character, submission to Godly leaders, a passion for the vision for the Great Commission, continuing fellowship and monetary contributions to I AM International for global evangelization, a supernatural lifestyle of winning souls and operating in the Gifts of the Spirit.


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