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Check out the latest book by Lynda Rushing Dans new book; As He is so are we in this world; Crowned Sons & Daughters of Glory coming soon!

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Our Vision

To share resources, strategies and abilities, thus assisting other countries to evangelize, equip the saints, plant churches, and help meet the needs of the fatherless and impoverished

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Our Story

After a time of intense hunger for more of God that steadily grew during the past several years, Lynda and I began to sense that God was up to something, yet we did not know what, where, when or how.

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Welcome to

As we move forward in this new apostolic wave of grace that is being poured out around the globe, Lynda and I are more than ever convinced that God is teaching us to walk in His love. God is love. His mission is love. His mindset is love. His command is love. His majesty, His justice, His might, His compassion, His righteousness and His holiness are all expressed in His love.

How we long and pray that all of us, as Believers, would be baptized daily in the outpouring of God’s perfect love; for it is in being filled to overflowing that His love is able to spill over and touch every other human being with whom we have contact. Jesus, our Apostle and High Priest (Hebrews 3:1), was sent so that we might receive salvation.

News & Updates

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  • 23. September, 2017
  • IAM International

The Indwelling Christ

  • 25. June, 2017
  • IAM International

Biblical Warning

  • 28. August, 2014
  • IAM International

Biblical Discipline

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