Five Smooth Stones


Yesterday the Lord spoke to me on my ride home from work. He said that He was giving me 5 smooth stones, just like David had. David took these stones from the brook, because- he had not only Goliath to fight, but Goliath had 4 brothers! He was prepared to destroy each and every one of them with the equipment God provided. David did not trust in human armor- he trusted in the armor of God. David did not war with fleshly weapons, but he won the battle with the superior spiritual weapon of the Name of the Lord of Hosts! He took what the Lord provided for him for success, and I’m going to too!

So I asked the Lord what these 5 smooth stones were for. He said, “ What do you need?” I decided that I needed to destroy some giants in different realms, so I list them here.

# 1. The giant warring against global revival. We want nations to fall in a day to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and global spiritual warming! We want the Tsunami of the Holy Spirit to crash on the shores of humanity, with wave after wave of blessing! We need the sheep and young lion nations to be raised up to be a strength and support toIsrael, and for allIsraelto be saved!

5 Smooth Stones 8/24/11

# 2. The giant warring against our ministry. We want open doors of utterance and opportunities to preach and teach, which no one can stop! We are believing for increase in angelic operations, signs, wonders and miracles! We are believing for all necessary resources to come in to complete the vision God gave us and to our leaders, for souls, souls, souls to be impacted with the whirlwind of fire!

# 3. The giant warring against our finances. We want more than enough to supply, not only our own needs, but a surplus to give to whosoever has a need ( II Cor. 9: 6- 10 ). We need supernatural debt cancellation, divine connections for partners to be added, and the wealth of the sinners to be transferred into our hands for the global harvest!!!

# 4. The giant warring against our family. We are claiming a Lamb for a household and that we and each member of our household ( and extended family ) are saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and fire! We need miracles for our children and grand- children. Behold! We and our children are for signs and wonders!

# 5. The giant warring against our health. We want supernatural strength and healing in every area of our physical bodies for the task ahead!

The Lord said that because I am in Covenant with Him just like David, I can war with His 5 smooth stones, one for each of these giants that are trying to intimidate me! I can wage a good warfare and fight the good fight, because He is with me- just as He was with David. Who are these uncircumcised Philistines that dare defy the army of the Living God? God will give you 5 smooth stones too, if you ask!

Author by: iaminternational

After graduating from Warren High School in rural Warren County, Illinois in 1995, Tom attended The Monmouth College, graduating cum laude in 1999, having earned his B. A in English as well as Philosophy & Religious Studies and garnering a departmental honor award in the latter discipline his junior year.

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