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The first miracle Jesus performed was turning water into wine at a wedding ( John 2: 1- 11 ). Just prior to His glorious return for His Bride, He will again pour out the new wine. But there must needs be a new wineskin to hold it, so the container won’t burst and the wine wasted ( Math. 9: 17, Mark 2: 22 and Luke 5: 37 ). The new wineskin will be what God’s ultimate plan for the Church has always been: A Body subject to the Head in every detail; totally filled, led and controlled by His Spirit, in complete unity and agreement with His mind- not man’s ways ( Is. 55: 8 + 9 ). It won’t be church as usual. He is doing a new thing globally by the Spirit, and we need to know and cooperate with it. We must be seeking and building His Kingdom, not our own, and work together to see its manifestation. When the new wineskin is in place, then the Great Commission will be fulfilled swiftly. Not by our might nor power, but by His Spirit!

Acts 3: 19- 21 speaks of the complete restoration of all things before the Lord’s return. When the Church was first birthed in Holy Ghost power on the Day of Pentecost, Jesus gave gifts to men. The Early Church operated in apostolic power and authority, and there was great multiplication and increase. Observers said that they were full of new wine ( Acts 2: 13 ). Signs, wonders and miracles were the norm, and the Gospel was spread throughout the then-known world. Angels were working alongside the saints, with frequency and regularity. God had a set order, established by the apostles and other ministry gifts equipping supernaturally the believers to do the greater works ( Eph. 4: 1- 16 ). God chose, appointed and anointed those who were fore-ordained to lead His move. When there were disputes, the leadership made decisions after consulting with God , not people’s opinions.

Just as Aaron’s rod budded and bore fruit to prove who God’s choice was, in this move only those who are under the spout where the Glory pours out will be beautiful and fruitful ( Numbers Chapter 17 ). God will supernaturally demonstrate His favor upon His selection of leadership. He is a God of order, not of confusion. We must be aligned in the authority sandwich, if we desire the mighty miracles and breakthroughs that we need. God is the Author of all authority. The centurion could operate in the greatest faith because he understood this principle ( Math. 8: 5- 13 and Luke 7 : 1- 10 ). Everyone in the Body needs to be under God’s authority and plugged in where He places them, for the whole to work as a unit. Those who criticize God’s anointed and want to exalt themselves need to be corrected, lest what happened to Miriam comes to pass in their life ( Numbers Chapter 12 , Deut. 24: 8 + 9, Ps. 105: 15 ). People that resist God’s plan may experience the same fate as the sorcerer in Acts 13. It would be the blind leading the blind. God is not an idiot! He knows what He’s doing and Father knows best. When someone is promoted in God, we need to rejoice and get behind them- not allow jealousy and a critical spirit to fight against God.

We must have leadership who hear from heaven and obey promptly in this hour. Fear of man brings a snare. If we want to be on the winning team, we must war in the spirit- not the flesh. We must get behind what God is doing and support His agenda, not our own. IT’s time to align- find our place and do what we’re called to do under His appointed leadership. That’s the way for each of us to walk in our divine destiny as mature sons of God. We will grow into all we’re supposed to be, as all the five-fold ministers working together perfect us. Otherwise there is unbalance. All streams will converge into the mighty river of God. Then all opposition will be swept away by the Spirit ( Is. 59: 19 Amp.)

The new wineskin will look like this. God’s order is shown in I Cor. 12: 28. The Church is being built by Jesus. He is the Chief Cornerstone. Upon Him, the apostles and prophets are laying the foundation ( Eph. 2: 13- 22 ). A restored church will have the five-fold ministry working in unity under the guidance and authority of true apostles and anointed prophets- not ” do-your-own-thing ministry international”. Submission is a good Bible word. Over and over again, God reiterates His principles of submission. If we submit to God, then we can resist the devil and he will flee ( James 4: 7 ). When the Body of Christ gets positioned, we will all walk in the victory God designs. Cities and nations shall fall in a day to the Lordship of Christ. The world has never yet seen the united army Joel prophesied: each one walking in their place- not thrusting each other through ( Joel 2: all and 3: 9- 21 ). The mountains will drop down new wine when the wine-skin is prepared . We’ll experience the double restoration and new wine promised in Zech. 9: 11- 17, when we align with God’s plans. When we are faithful in another man’s ministry, God can promote us ( Luke 16: 10 + 12 ) . But not if we are rebellious and impatient. Not if we are back-biting and
cursing the ones sent to perfect us ( Heb. 13: 7 + 17 ). The religious and the antichrist spirit were continuously challenging Jesus’ authority. The Holy Spirit is not divided. He is the New Wine which will be poured out into the vessels of God who are subject to Him. A man is not crowned unless he plays
according to the rules. Many will be disqualified if they will not find their place and be faithful ( 2 Tim. 2: 5, 3: 1- 9 ).

As Acts 4: 31- 37 and 5: 12- 14 show, the new wineskin will look like this: a church working in one accord, under God’s leadership; Apostles and prophets showing God’s direction, with evangelists, pastors and teachers fulfilling their functions to train and equip the saints to do the work of the ministry; Everyone on board with God’s plans and purposes serving the Lord together in unity, humility and a true motive of love. Once we are one, the world will know ( John 17: 20- 23 ). And the world will won when we become true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. When we are one, the world will be won. The true and mature sons of God will be led by the Holy Spirit, recognizing His voice and walking in the Truth. He will fill them with the new wine continuously ( Eph. 5: 17 + 18 ). They will actualize their potential in God and complete the Father’s work, for the glory of Jesus Christ. God has saved the best for last ( John 2: 11 ). It is the Omega generation that shall obey and complete the task, when we become the new wine- skin of which Jesus spoke. The context in the 3 Gospels was when He spoke of the Bridegroom and His party. The glorious victorious Bride is the New Wine-skin! She’ll be filled to overflow with the Spirit, with extra oil and wine to bind up the wounds of a hurting planet ( Luke 10: 34 )! We will with one mind and one mouth glorify the Lord, knit together by the Spirit of unity, all united and experiencing the commanded blessing of Ps. 133, all the Body soaked and saturated with the anointing. The oil pours down from Jesus Christ, our High Priest, onto the shoulders of His government upon the rest of the body which is under His authority. Of the increase of His peace and Government, there shall be no ceasing ( Is. 9: 6 + 7 ). He must rule until all enemies are placed under His feet!

Author by: iaminternational

After graduating from Warren High School in rural Warren County, Illinois in 1995, Tom attended The Monmouth College, graduating cum laude in 1999, having earned his B. A in English as well as Philosophy & Religious Studies and garnering a departmental honor award in the latter discipline his junior year.

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