After a time of intense hunger for more of God that steadily grew during the past several years, Lynda and I began to sense that God was up to something, yet we did not know what, where, when or how. We had seen God do mighty things, signs and wonders, and sinners repent at the salvation message during our meetings in the prisons, homes for the elderly, city outreaches and on the streets, yet still there was something missing. This was fine but it was not quite revival. Lynda and I traveled here and there, wherever the Spirit of God was moving mightily. We went to Brownsville in Pensacola Florida, where revival had broken out and the Holy Ghost was allowed to flow. We traveled to England to visit the Trinity Brompton Church, where in 1994 the power of God hit and literally transformed thousands of lives by His awesome presence. We knew that something was happening as the stirrings in our heart grew stronger for more of God, to know Him more intimately. We continued to hold meetings in city parks, prisons, homes for the elderly and street out reaches. We continued to minister at the prisons, elderly homes, crisis’s centers for youth and their families, until the Holy Spirit drew us to my wife’s hometown of Toronto Canada to visit her sister.

While in Toronto we visited the Toronto Airport church and attended a Benny Hinn Crusade meeting. During this visit to Toronto the Lord touched us in an awesome way (we had a power encounter with Almighty God). Lynda and I had purposed in our heart to bring back the “Fire of God” to Jacksonville from this visit and that’s what happened. We had a Heavenly download of Fire from the throne room of Almighty God. Benny Hinn laid hands on us and we were instantly struck by the power of God thru a divine impartation. Lynda wept uncontrollably; I was hit by lighting bolts that jolted me, as the electricity of God ran through my body. Lynda and I knew that something major in the Spirit realm had happened. This was a turning point. We were met by the living GOD in the Upper Room in a way that could only be described as supernaturally awesome. Upon our return to our home church in Jacksonville FL, the Pastor asked us to share the “Toronto Blessing” As we were sharing, the anointing grew so strong upon us that we called people from the congregation to come down and receive an impartation from the Lord, fresh fire of God!

As we laid hands on them, half the congregation were slain in the Spirit ( as was the Pastor and his wife ). The other half either froze in their seats or ran from the building. Yes, our ministry had definitely changed- there was definitely a major change. We began to seek the Lord concerning our experience in the “Upper Room”. We began to hunger for more of what He was doing now, though Lynda and I could not understand it all. We cried out to God day and night for more of Him; more of His presence in our lives. We went to a week of meetings with Randy Clarke and received another impartation from our Heavenly Daddy ( so much so that I vibrated off the bed, under the power of God in our hotel room and was literaly stuck to the floor for an hour ).The Lord was doing something in me, something awesome.

This hunger led us to Dr. Rodney Howard Browne’s Ministry in Tampa Florida to receive more new wine. We were filled with a new love for the Father and a new anointing after our God-encounter in Tampa. After those days and to this present one, the Lord has increased His anointing on our lives. Signs, wonders and miracles are what we preach and what we get in our meetings. The Lord was drawing us to go to the nations. While in Africa, the vision expanded. We were invited to go on a crusade tour of Ghana in September of 2006 with Christian Outreach Network International to see what God wanted to do through us there and to minister salvation to the people. The fire of God hit and many were transformed, healed and delivered by His awesome presence. We returned the next two years to Ghana and also spread fire to the Philippines last year. Many nations are now calling us. In this new wave of revival glory that is sweeping the Earth, God is releasing revelation knowledge for believers to operate in the realm of creative miracles and unusual signs and wonders. These are the days of the Holy Ghost, the days of the saints of God. He is restoring all that has been lost since the early Church and the Book of Acts, and He is also doing new things never before recorded- unheard of miracles!

Now is the time for all His children to jump into the deep Heavenly water of the Holy Ghost and proclaim the Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles following. It is about souls, souls, souls for the Kingdom of God. IAM International is affilated with Dr. Rodney Howard Browne’s ministry, Revival Ministries International. Lynda and I are available to speak at your church or gathering. Please contact us at (352) 530-2518 or e-mail us at mdlrushing@aol.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript to be enabled to view it. Love in Christ Jesus’ awesome Name, Dan & Lynda Rushing

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