Prophetic Word – 2010


He Must Increase! Our God is the God of Increase! ( I Cor. 3: 6 + 7 ). His Kingdom and glory is ever increasing in scope and dominion. He spoke, “Light, be!” and light continues to grow throughout the universes and uncharted regions of space. Of the increase of His government and His peace there is no ceasing! ( Is. 9: 7 ) He is the Greater One, and He desires for us to become greater in Him non- stop too. In blessing, He will bless us and in multiplying, He will multiply us! ( Gen. 22: 17 + Heb. 6: 14 ) He wants to increase us 1,000 fold and bless us as He said in Deut. 1: 11, not just occasionally but every day! He must increase in us, for that is His will. He wills to increase you more and more, both you and your children (and spiritual children ) Ps. 115: 14. We must co-operate with this process, by giving Him permission. Declare, “Your will be done in me, as in heaven!” We need to begin seeing ourselves as He sees us and get into agreement with Him that we are as He is in this world ( I John 4: 17 ).

God’s first commandment to man was to be fruitful and multiply! See Gen. 1: 28. Ps. 71: 21, 85: 12 + 107: 37 all speak of our increase. The wise will increase their learning (Prov. 1: 5 + 9: 9) the meek shall increase their joy (Is. 29: 19). Jer. 23: 3- 6 speaks of the Lord causing us to be fruitful and multiplying in the end- time. Ezek. 34: 26 + 27 agrees with this. Showers of blessing with increase of productivity confirm that the Great I AM is with us ( verses 29- 31 ). He is our God! Ezek. 36: 22- 30 promises that when we are born again and filled with God’s Spirit, we shall enjoy the increase of the land. Zech. 8: 12 and 10: 8 also decree increase of blessing for us, hallelujah! God plans to increase the fruits of our righteousness individually ( II Cor. 9: 10 ), and increase the Body of Christ corporately ( Eph. 4: 16 ). Col. 2: 19 tells us that if we hold fast to the Head, we will increase with the increase of God. Just as Jesus increased in wisdom, favor and stature ( Luke 2: 52 ), so shall His Body. We shall all grow up into the fullness of the stature of Christ, as His five- fold ministry gifts continue to perfect and equip us ( Eph. 4: 11- 13 ).

The Word of God shall increase and the number of disciples shall multiply greatly ( Acts 6: 7 + 16: 5 ), as in the Early Church- except this latter house will be much more glorious ( Hagg. 2: 9 )! The Lord will make us to increase, excel and abound more and more in love ( I Thess. 3: 12 + 4: 10 + Phil. 1: 9 ), for He is More than Enough, El Shaddai! While the world in increasing in ungodliness, God’s all-stars will be shining brighter and brighter ( 2 Tim. 2: 16 + Prov. 4: 18 ). While lying signs and wonders are multiplying, don’t you know that the true and the real will far surpass what the devil and his crowd are able to do? Ps. 105: 24 shows us that the Lord greatly increased His people and made them stronger than their oppressors. We need not fear, for our God is far more powerful than the enemy! There are more with us than there are with the devil! God will make us ten times wiser than our enemies, as in Dan. 1: 20 + Col. 1: 10. The seed He has sown in our hearts will bear fruitful increase 30, 60, 100- fold! And the Lord will command 7- fold restoration of all the thief has stolen! We who have given up lands, houses and family to follow the God of Increase shall enjoy the 100- fold return! And as our faith increases, the sphere of His Kingdom’s influence shall exponentially increase globally ( 2 Cor. 10: 15 ).

Our field among the nations shall be greatly enlarged ( Amp.) Yes, God wills to enlarge our territories, expand our tent pegs and increase our borders ( I Chron. 4: 10, Is. 54: 2, Exod. 34: 24 ). That has always been His plan and purpose, for He is the God of Increase! The Greater One is in us to make us the greater us, so we can do the greater works! He is able to do superabundantly above and beyond anything that we can ask or imagine ( Eph. 3: 20 ). So don’t limit Him nor who He is in you! We are who He says we are and we can do what He says we can do! We are the last generation, and He’s saved the best for last. But we must agree with Him, confess this Truth and declare the decree for expansion now, in this season! How to allow Him to increase in you 1. Ask for more! More, Lord, more! Jesus says ‘ Ask and ye shall receive’, Blessed are they who hunger and thirst…they shall be filled’. Make a demand on the God of Increase to increase in you daily, as you spend quality time with Him. 2.Jesus is the Word, so study the Word every day. This increases your Jesus level! This also increases your faith level, as well as your knowledge and wisdom. ( Rom. 10: 17, II Pet. 1: 2 ) This therefore also multiplies your grace and peace level! Yay! 3.Pray in the Spirit as much as possible. This allows the Spirit of Jesus to control you more and more. ( The Spirit is Another One just like Jesus ). Praying in tongues makes you more sensitive to His voice and opens the door to more Gifts of the Spirit flowing through you. And according to Jude 20 Amp., this also increases your level of super faith. “ But you, beloved, build yourselves up founded on your most holy faith- make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher- praying in the Holy Ghost.” It improves and edifies you, according to I Cor. 14: 4. It brings maturation to you personally, and as you pray that Christ would increase in others, it causes the Body to mature. 4. More time soaking in His presence or in worship will also increase the measure of His treasure in you. Become saturated with His oil and perfume, so you can emanate His fragrance wherever you go. 5. Give away what you’ve been given.

You cannot outgive God. Give, and it shall be given back to you- good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over! Freely you’ve received; freely give. If you invest what the Master has given you, there will be increase of talents and authority. Others will be influenced by the One Who influences you, and His Kingdom shall increase! “ I will give you for a light to the nations, that My salvation may extend to the end of the earth.” Is. 49: 6 More Growth Scriptures (Amplified) Job 17: 9 “ The righteous shall hold to His way, and he with clean hands shall grow stronger and stronger.” Ps. 92: 12- 14 Song of Sol. 2: 1 ( I am a humble lily of the valley which grows in the deep and difficult places ) + 6: 3 ‘ I am my Beloved’s and He is mine. He feeds among the lilies that grow there.’ Is. 11: 1 ‘There shall come forth a Shoot… and a Branch out of His roots shall grow and bear fruit.’ Ezek. 47: 12 Many leafy trees shall grow on both sides of the River, bearing fruit to meet the demand ( fruit for food and leaves for healing ) Hos. 14: 5 “ I will be as the dew and the night mist to Israel; he shall grow and blossom as the lily, and cast forth his roots as the sturdy evergreens of Lebanon.” Math. 5: 48 + 13: 32 ‘You therefore must grow into complete maturity of godliness in mind and character’ ‘ The Kingdom is like a mustard seed that grows to be the greatest.’ Mark 4: 8 ( 100- fold ) + 27 ( Kingdom ) + 32 ( Kingdom ) Acts 9: 31( Church growing in wisdom, virtue + piety ), walking in the fear of the Lord and consolation of the Holy Ghost continued to increase and was multiplied.’ + 12: 24 ( Word of the Lord concerning the Kingdom continued to grow and spread’ I Cor. 2: 6 ‘ We impart a higher wisdom when we’re among the full-grown’ I Cor. 8: 1 ‘ Love edifies and builds up and encourages one to grow to his full stature’ I Cor. 14: 4 Prophesying promotes growth in the Church in Christian wisdom, piety, holiness + happiness I Cor. 16: 13 ‘Act like men and grow in strength!’ + 24 ‘ My love grows out of a true devotion to God’ II Cor. 10: 15 ‘ As your faith continues to grow, our field among you may be greatly enlarged’ Eph. 2: 21 ‘ In Christ the whole building welded together harmoniously continues to rise, grow, increase into a holy temple in the Lord.’ Eph. 4: 15 + 16 ‘Let’s grow up in every way and in all things in Him… Col. 1: 6 ‘In the whole world the Gospel is bearing fruit and still growing by its own inherent power’ Col. 1: 9 + 10 ( prayer ) + 28 ( the goal ) Col. 2: 19 (Hold fast to the Head, from Whom the whole Body grows with a growth that is from God ) Col. 4: 12 ( Epaphras interceding so they will grow to maturity ), II Thess. 1: 3 ( love + faith ), Heb. 5: 14 ( solid food for full-grown) I Pet. 2: 2 (babes grow on milk ) II Pet. 3: 18 ( Benediction ) Prophetic Poem 7/ 17/10 I have so much to impart For the day’s growing dark. I have so much to give, So that others can live. I have so much to bestow So that others can grow, So that others can know, So that others will go! Take it and give and I’ll multiply. It is I AM that sends you. Yes, it is I. I AM with you and I will increase!

My government and peace will never cease.

Author by: iaminternational

After graduating from Warren High School in rural Warren County, Illinois in 1995, Tom attended The Monmouth College, graduating cum laude in 1999, having earned his B. A in English as well as Philosophy & Religious Studies and garnering a departmental honor award in the latter discipline his junior year.

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