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The Hebrew year 5770 started at the Feast of the Tabernacles Oct. ’09. This year 5770 signifies The Year of Entering the Promised Land, and is the most encoded year of all in the Bible Code. Rise up, saints! This is your season for possessing God’s promises and taking territory. We are to be on the offensive, not the defensive; to be religiously correct, not politically correct! It is now 2010. Ten symbolizes God’s perfect, Divine government, and of His government and peace increasing, there shall be no ceasing! Let us pray and reach out as never before, to rescue this nation and the globe! There is a great shaking going on, and millions of lives are at stake! Watchmen, Awake !!! Prophetic Word from Ghana, West Africa on 8/14/07 “ Watchmen, what of the night? Watchmen, what of the night? For the night is coming when no man can work.

Walk in the light as Christ is in the light and be about the Father’s business while it is yet day! Awake to righteousness and sin no more, for there is much to be done and many are slumbering. Set yourselves on the watchtower and cry out to your generation to awake while there is still time! For the sands of time are running out and the night is fast approaching. Let there be no one around you who says, “ The day has been spent. The summer has ended. The harvest has been gathered and we are not saved!” There is much to do before My soon return and you have a part to play. Watch and Pray! As soon as Zion travails, she brings forth her children. So awake and arise and intercede like never before! And give warning to the ones in your path, for I AM calling My watchmen in this hour, for such a time as this – to awaken a generation to their desperate need for Me, saith the LORD!”

We are commanded to watch and pray, to watch and warn others of impending doom for those who will not repent, to watch for the Lord’s soon Coming and keep ourselves pure! God is extremely serious for the Coming of the LORD is at hand and there is much to do! People are asleep and do not know of the imminent danger that they are in. If a hurricane was approaching, would you not warn your family and loved ones? Wake up! And start waking others up! ( Rom. 13: 11- 14 ) There is a deaf and dumb spirit on assignment that lulls people into a state of stupor, and that blinds the minds.( Is. 56: 10 ) Those of you who name the Name of Christ are commanded to keep alert, awake to righteousness and to wake up a sleeping generation! We have been given mighty prayer keys to unlock a revival in America, but we must use them daily! What? Could you not watch an hour with Jesus every day?

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After graduating from Warren High School in rural Warren County, Illinois in 1995, Tom attended The Monmouth College, graduating cum laude in 1999, having earned his B. A in English as well as Philosophy & Religious Studies and garnering a departmental honor award in the latter discipline his junior year.

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