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It is time for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to make the main thing the main thing! For far too long we have been concentrating on the minors, and ignoring the One Thing that Jesus told us to do, so that He could return ( Math. 24: 14 ). In all four Gospels and the Book of Acts, Jesus commanded His Church to fulfill His Great Commision. For far too many, it has been the Great Ommission! Go ye and preach the Gospel to every creature! 41.5% of the world is still unreached! 2.8 billion have never once heard the Good News! Let’s quit feeding the same first three rows of the crowd with all the bread and fish, and reach the entire globe with the food that truly satisfies! Let’s train those first three rows and equip them with the fire, so that they will catch the vision to GO YE!

The Bible is a Mission Book from start to finish! Did you know that Adam was called to be a missionary? God told him, ” Be fruitful and multiply. Replenish the earth. Take dominion over all the earth.” ( Gen. 1: 26- 28 ) God told Noah the exact same thing in Gen. 9: 1. Abraham too was called to be a missionary. God said, ” Go to a new land and in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” ( Gen. 12: 1 + 22: 18 ) Jonah didn’t want to go, but had a change of heart. It’s time for the Body of Christ to get ready and willing! The entire nation of Israel angered God because they ignored His misssion’s call for the world. ” My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations, but you have made it a den of thieves.” But what about us? We inherited the original commission from the Jews. Has our money been used to ensure that native pastors and evangelists reach every tribe and tongue, or have we been decorating our own homes and church buildings with pretty things? Why don’t we make the Main Thing the main thing? Have we been robbing God of His glory throughout all the earth by building our own little kingdoms? Have we been taking the tithes and offerings and spending them on our own thing? Or have we brought them into His House for all nations, so that there is meat in His House for every hungry soul? See Mal. 3: 8- 10 + Mark 11: 17 . Only one cent of every $100 mission offering even goes to trying to reach the unreached! Why don’t we major on the major of the Great Commission and seek first the Kingdom of God? Then He can add everything we need. And exactly what is the prayer for all nations that we are supposed to be praying? Pray that laborers be thrust forth into the harvest fields for they are ripe now! And how can they be thrust forth unless they are sent by someone? ( Rom. 10: 13- 15 ) And exactly who is going to send them? Buddhists? Moslems? Every day never-go-to-church nominal denomination folk? No, perhaps I think, that it will be you- the person whom the Lord led to be reading this exhortation today. Someone who cares. Someone who wants to prove his love for Jesus by obeying Him. Someone who wants to hasten the Day of His return.

Our I AM local leaders are equipped with the fire and going to where the Gospel has not yet been preached. They unselfishly and tirelesly go into Moslem areas, or regions where witchcraft and local customs prevail, to bring life to the lost. Because they are Spirit-filled and Word-trained, they have the proof of the pudding about whose God is the real and true! They are planting churches where others can be saved and discipled. They need your help! Pray about helping them or someone who is doing the stuff and capturing the enemy’s territory internationally. I AM International is so far in 5 out of 6 of the continents. We have a vision for global spiritual warming! But we can’t do nations without donations.

Author by: iaminternational

After graduating from Warren High School in rural Warren County, Illinois in 1995, Tom attended The Monmouth College, graduating cum laude in 1999, having earned his B. A in English as well as Philosophy & Religious Studies and garnering a departmental honor award in the latter discipline his junior year.

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