Vision for Ghana

Lynda and I conduct crusades and leadership equipping meetings in Ghana, West Africa. Our mission is to preach, teach and demonstrate the power of Almighty God to the nation of Ghana, and beyond. The Fire of God fell in all meetings of the past three years.

Praise be unto Almighty God. Our hearts were touched by the urgent need for an Orphanage to take care of the many homeless children due to the Aids crisis “wiping out” their families. Another urgent need is for a Bible training center to train and equip pastors and missionaries to go into the jungles and villages and reach the unreached people groups in this nation.

There are literally thousands that have not heard about Jesus. We are currently working with a group of Ghanian pastors ( I AM Ghana ) to find land to build an orphanage, Bible School and a place to farm pineapple to help provide jobs and financial resources for this ministry and these children. There is also a desperate need for substance abuse/ mental health counseling, and a place of refuge for abused women and their kids. Please pray about helping us in this God given vision. Read James 1: 27, I Pet. 2: 5 and Romans 1 + 2 + 19 Amp.


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